CAN we agree on?

I am sitting here thinking on how we can bring solutions to the challenges in our world.  I believe people are basically ‘good’ however our brains are wired to do what it takes to survive, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ not being relevant.  This basis of human nature can create chaos and dysfunction.

In order to bring solutions, we must first find a baseline of agreement.  This article and the few following will look for fundamental issues that we can agree on universally that will give us a baseline for potential solutions…. For our universe… and beyond ?

CAN we agree on?

Vaccine or no vaccine:  No

Guns or no guns:  No 

Is it ok for a leader to lie/mislead and keep their position:  No

Cancel or forgive:  No

Is there a God:  No

Economy or public health:  No

Consensual or non consensual:  No

So, what CAN we agree on?  Not much apparently.  These are just a few issues, I have another 312 written down and I will continue to list them as I post future articles.

Let’s start with an assumption:  Can we agree that a healthy person (adult or child) leads to a healthy family, which creates a healthy community followed by a healthy country? 

Please respond with whether you can agree to the above assumption;  I will only accept a YES or NO otherwise this will take forever and I want to get outside and go for a trail run.   

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